Mediaevalia Philosophica Polonorum

The journal started to come out in 1958 and since then has established itself as one of the most consistently interesting and challenging journals devoted to medieval studies. Since 2006 (vol. XXXV (I)) it has been published annually. The first Head Editors of MPP were prof. Władysław Seńko and prof. Jerzy Korolec. MPP publishes critical editions of medieval texts, articles on medieval philosophy, theology and history of medieval science, as well as up-to-date information about the current research in the field of medieval studies. The journal is highly appreciated among international and Polish scholars and it is one of the best-known journals devoted to the medieval thought. It provides a forum for different terminologies and different approaches to medieval studies. The journal fosters rigorous investigation of medieval philosophy, theology and science and provides rare opportunity for Polish scholars to present their latest research to the international medieval communities. The presented articles are in English, German, French and Latin. All scholarly methodologies and approaches are welcome. It is given 6 points by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Monika Michałowska

University of Łódź