Note for Contributors

Note for Contributors


Contributions to the Journal should be sent via e-mail to Assistant Editors: Monika Michałowska and Robert Podkoński. Originals and photographs should not be submitted until the paper is accepted. Contributions should be original work which has neither been simultaneously submitted to other journals nor published previously.

Authors of accepted contributions receive one set of proofs for proofreading. These should be returned promptly within the period requested. In the event of a multi-authored contribution, proofs are sent to the first-named author unless otherwise requested. Authors receive one copy of the issue of Mediaevalia Philosophica Polonorum, in which their article appears.

Guidelines for Contributors

1. The lenght of submitted articles should be no more than 35 standard pages (1800 characters per page) including notes.

2. Word Perfect for Windows and Word for Windows are the only accepted word-processing programmes.

3. Contributions are accepted in English, French, German and Latin.

4. The text must be ready for print. Manuscripts must be numbered consecutively and complete - including all notes, bibliographical references, titles, etc.

5. References should conform to the following examples:

General rules:

Please use common scholar Latin forms: Idem/Eadem, Ibidem, Cf. (only for references, not citations), e.g., i.e., sq./sqq., ed./eds, etc.

A. Maier, Metaphysische Hintergründe der spätscholastischen Naturphilosophie, Roma 1955, S. 75-107.; for subsequent citations: A. Maier, Metaphysische Hintergründe, S. 75-107.; for immediately following citations: Ibidem, S. 108-144.; for other works by the same author: Eadem, Ausgehendes Mittelalter, S. 1-22.

Collection of papers:
C. H. Lohr, The Medieval Interpretation of Aristotle, in: The Cambridge History of Later Medieval Philosophy. From the Rediscovery of Aristotle to the Disintegration of Scholasticism 1100-1600., N. Kretzmann, A. Kenny, J. Pinborg (eds), Cambridge 1982, p. 81.

Article in journal:
A. Goddu, Reflections on the Origin of Copernicus`s Cosmology, ``Journal for the History of Astronomy``, 37(2006), pp. 13-17, esp. 15.

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